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This is a collection of software I have developed for use in photo manipulation, storage and presentation. You may find some of these programs useful, and may even wish to e-mail me to provide constructive criticism!
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(updated 19 Sep 2001)


  This program provides a convenient means of viewing your photo collection. It enables you to browse your hard disk for images and to create "slide shows" of these in individual folders. You can also add your own notes to each image to provide additional information.
See some screenshots here. The program is written in VB6, for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP, and you can download this in three ways:

  1. Download PictureViewer.exe (152 Kb).
    This is the main VB executable (updated to version 1.1). If you already have all the necessary libraries - this should be sufficient. For the program to run successfully, you will also need the settings file PictureViewer.ini (1Kb) and the help file PictureViewer.chm (148 Kb) - both should be placed in the same directory as the executable.

  2. Download complete program : (1.2 Mb). This contains the .ini and help files above and a version of the executable which contains all the necessary libraries built-in. This should therefore run OK without any installation required - simply unpack it to a directory and run it. The downside, of course, is the size of the download!

  3. Download the full installation package (2 Mb) - this is an executable installation program: just download PicInstall_11.exe and run it! (this is a new version 1.1, correcting a couple of minor reported faults)
Note that if you click on an .exe file link in Netscape it will try to display the file. Shift-Click will allow you to download it.
If you are not able to extract the ZIP file, download a free demo copy of WINZIP.

ver 2.8

(updated January 2003)


  This is a small (but getting bigger!) utility to enable the rapid deployment of digital images to the web. You choose the folder containing the images you wish to show, and click the 'create thumbnails' button. This will generate thumbnail copies. You then choose the number of images to be displayed per page and a page title, and click 'Make HTML'. That's it - all you then have to do is to upload the entire folder (including the thumbnails sub-folder) to the web. There are quite a number of additional configuration options, including user-selected colours, drop-shadows, photo comments and a slideshow. Click here for more details

(10 December 2000)


  This is a very small program which simply provides a quick sequential display of all images in a folder. The idea is that you copy the program to the folder containing the images to be displayed and run it. It will only display the images in the folder it finds itself in! If you want to provide a custom caption, place the text in a file called pix.txt in the same folder. You move through the images in the folder using the arrow keys, and press ESC to exit. See a screenshot here.
With this program, it does not seem to make sense to provide a full install, since the idea is to copy it to each folder as required. If you do not have the necessary VB libraries, install one of the other programs!
Download QuickPicture.exe (72 Kb).

Remember, if you are using Netscape, HOLD THE SHIFT KEY DOWN while clicking on the download links!

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