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24 March 2005 At last! I've updated the site for the first time in years. It now provides some links to a selection of digital images I have taken, first with a Minolta Dimage 1500, then a Nikon E995 and lately with a Nikon D70.
18 June 2001 I have added a new section - digital images and written some code in PHP to manage the collection. These are some of the better images captured with my Minolta Dimage 1500.
3 June 2001 New images added - there are now 436 altogether.
16 April 2001 Updated the PictureViewer program, and added two new programs - ThumbHTML and QuickPicture. The former allows you to quickly deploy digital images on the web; the second provides a handy sequential image viewer for all images in a folder.
25 August 2000 New images added - there are now 420, including some recent images from Scotland (July 2000).
10 January 2000 Starting to make some software available for download - see the new downloads page!
10 January 2000 A number of images have been added to the site - there are now 248 altogether.
Also, the scripts used for navigating the site have been updated. These now present images in date order (most recent first), and provide links to higher resolution versions of the images. The basic thumbnails are 100 pixels max in either dimension, and the basic larger version, received when you click on the thumbnail, is 600 pixels max. The other sizes commonly provided are 1200 and 1500 pixels.
To aid navigation through a largish number of pictures, links to each page are now provided at the bottom of the frame.
29 Nov 1999 Major update to the images on this web site, resulting from the purchase of a transparency scanner. The first batch of scans have been added in a variety of resolutions. The thumbnails are chosen to have a maximum resolution of 100 pixels in either dimension; the 'main' offering of 600 pixels is available by double-clicking on the thumbnail, and in most cases resolutions of 900, 1200 and 1500 pixels are also offered. The latter can result in file sizes in excess of 1Mb.
All images are compressed to JPG format, using a quality setting of 90%. These various copies of the original scanned images have been created using the excellent ThumbNailer program from Smaller Animals Software.
The higher resolutions are provided if they exist via links beneath the thumbnail - if you want to download rather than view these, you should use the usual method of holding down the shift key while clicking on the link.

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