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Thursday, 18 April 2019

ThumbHTML enables the rapid deployment of digital images to the web. You choose the folder containing the images you wish to show, and use the program to generate thumbnail copies (and other sizes). Simply click the 'create thumbnails' button. You then choose the number of images to be displayed per page and a page title, and click 'Make HTML'. That's it - all you then have to do is to upload the entire folder (including the thumbnails sub-folder) to the web.

There are a number of additional configuration options, including user-selected colours and drop-shadows. You can create pre-defined sets of re-sized copies of your images with one click using the 'batch resize' facility.
For full details of the features the program provides, click [here].

If you would like to see an example of the type of output this provides, have a look at one of these examples:

  • Some of the images from our regular PopMaths quiz, where it has been used.
  • Some photos I took on England's wild and windy Yorkshire coast a couple of years ago
  • LATEST VERSION: 2.8 (build #339, November 13, 2004). For a complete history, see here.

    Recent changes (new=red bullet):
    • Improved the IPTC-reading capability considerably. The program now reads all common IPTC tags, and placeholders for them are now available in linkedimage.tmp. See the comments at the top of linkedimage.tmp for more details.
    • Added ability to decode additional Canon data from the MakerNote section of the EXIF headers, using new placeholders in linkedimage.tmp
    • Fixed extraction of ISO setting from Canon EXIF headers
    • Added the automatic inclusion of links to other image sizes, for the PHP script (this feature was already included with the html output templates)
    • Added the automatic inclusion of links to other image sizes, for the PHP script (this feature was already included with the html output templates)
    • Added ability to choose the filename for the thumbnail index pages.
    • Can now interrupt the creation of thumbnails.
    • Added PHP form of output.
    • Image previews are now shown when not selected, provided an EXIF-embedded thumbnail exists.
    • Added placeholders to the linkedimage.tmp templates to allow data from EXIF tags embedded within jpg images to be added on an individual basis
    • Can now save navigation images to a shared folder/URL.
    • The HTML title is now 'remembered' by the program when returning to a folder.
    • Improved the handling of the reading of EXIF data when changes made to images - the program now refreshes the EXIF data displayed after 'Re-Create EXIF data file' is selected from the menu.
    • Completely rewritten the Batch-Process feature.
    • ThumbHTML is now able to save the sort order of images.
    • The program now uses templates for the layout of each image or image link in the thumbnail pages.
    • The program now clears all HTML, Javascript and CSS files from the target folder before it makes the new set of files.
    • Added a new template, Order_by_Email [example]. This adds 3 form fields below each thumbnail to allow people to select images and order copies.
    • Added the ability to generate a master index file (accessed via the menu or F3).
    • Can choose to allow or disallow HTML in image comments and title (default is allow).
    • Added option to allow/disallow right-clicking on the HTML pages to save the pictures. Default is 'allow'. Modified via the options dialog (or press F2).
    • Added ability to create custom thumbnail pages by inserting placeholders for individual images with e.g. <!--image2-->. Pages will still expect the specified number of images though.
    • Added a collection of new stylesheets, which can be downloaded individually here
    • Added ability to customise the language used in the various embedded comments added to the HTML output pages
    • Added a menu option to allow users to enable/disable the HTML encoding of non-English characters
    • Added key controls to slideshow (p for pause, home for re-start). Requires slight change to stylesheet and template.
    • Enabled non-English characters to be recognised in the HTML output = the program now encodes these using the HTML entities.
    • Output is now XHTML-compliant
    v2.8 Downloads:
    Full Install [3.1M]
      Backup server
    Help file [418K]
    Upgrades Upgrading can be a problem if there have been changes to the support files, templates etc. It is recommended that you download the full installer every time you upgrade.
    Otherwise, unpack this zip file [710K] into the existing ThumbHTML folder. This package contains everything except the libraries and custom controls.


    Program instructions
    Program Features

    Full history

    Previous versions v2.1, v2.2, v2.3, v2.4, v2.6
    v2.7.7 (Build 308)
    I do spend quite a lot of time working on ThumbHTML, adding new features and making modifications that people request. Should you wish to register the software (and so get a warm glow inside, knowing that you are supporting this process!) please do so by clicking [HERE]. It costs $10 US.

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