Directory Structure

One of the changes introduced in Version 2 has been to improve the linked pages. Previously each thumbnail was linked to a raw image file, so that when you click on it the image (however large or small it may be) appears in the browser window. In this version, ThumbHTML creates a new HTML page for each image. This is a much better solution, since the page can include other information, such as the photo data and image comments, and can use the user-chosen title and colour scheme, but it has consequently become necessary to recommend a few naming rules:
  1. The program expects to find the thumbnails used on the thumbnail page in a folder called 'thumb'.
  2. The images used on the linked pages should be in a folder called 'main' - it is recommended that these should be 600 pixels in size. If a folder with this name is not found, the program will use the images in the 'root' folder.
  3. Other sizes should be in folders with the name giving the size - e.g. 400, 900, 1200 etc. The program will provide links to these other sizes on the individual web page. A link to the 'full' size images in the root folder will also be added.

ROOT FOLDER (containing original images)

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