Storing and Displaying Picture Information

Image information can be displayed on the linked pages if it is available. All Nikon digital cameras can be configured to save this picture information into a file called info.txt, which can be downloaded along with the images to your hard disk. ThumbHTML will automatically use this file if it exists in the image directory. The data extracted and displayed in the linked HTML files consist of:

  • The date and time the picture was taken.
    N.B. This information can optionally be taken from the image file date-stamp, instead of from the info.txt file or the EXIF data - use the checkbox on the HTML tab to do this
  • The image dimensions
  • The image quality setting
  • The shutter speed
  • The aperture
The data file (info.txt) consists of a number of blocks of data, one for each image, like the following:
CAMERA       : E995V1.6
MODE         : P
SHUTTER      : 1/227sec
APERTURE     : F5.3
EXP +/-      : 0.0
FOCAL LENGTH : f8.2mm(X1.0)
DATE         : 04.05.2002 10:45
If you are not using a Nikon camera, or you did not save the picture information in info.txt, ThumbHTML will try to extract the necessary information from the EXIF header information stored in the image (if it is in JPG format).
ThumbHTML will extract a selection of the most useful data elements if available (editing and saving JPG files often destroys this information). You can choose which items to add to your HTML pages by selecting the EXIF item from the Tools menu. This brings up the following dialog ... As you can see, the most common elements are already included.

The 'Tools' menu contains an option to 'Export Picture Data'. If you choose this, the picture information will be saved to a file in the current root folder, called 'picturedata.txt' [Example].

Exporting EXIF data to Excel
From the menu, it is possible to export the EXIF data to an Excel spreadsheet. The file is saved to the root folder using the filename exifdata.xls.

More information about the Exif file format.

NB: if you have edited the images since transferring them from your digital camera, some or all of the EXIF data may be lost - if this is the case, ThumbHTML will simply not print it to the HTML page.

IPTC data
ThumbHTML can also extract IPTC data tags from images. Currently can extract Artist/Author, Copyright, Headline, Description, and Creation Date. The program will automatically extract these data if present, but uses manually-edited data in preference.

JPG comments
ThumbHTML also reads JPG comments.

The order of precedence used by the program is as follows (last overwriting first): EXIF -> IPTC -> JPG Comments -> Manual.
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