There are a number of common options that need to be set for the program as a whole, and are likely to remain fixed for usage with many photo albums. There preferences are therefore set in the Options dialog, rather than in individual Profiles. The Options dialog is access via the Tools menu, or by pressing F2, and looks like this:

Replace characters with the relevant HTML entities Check this to enable the use of HTML in comments. If unchecked, < and > are replaced with < and > Click here to edit or add to the list of HTML entities recognised by the program Automatically save settings on exit if checked Automatically loads last profile, if checked Uncheck this if you want to disable browser's ability to right-click on your pages to download images Uncheck this if you want to choose a different folder for the navigation images

Pause the mouse over each element to view a description of its function.

If you want to select a different folder for the navigation images, uncheck the bottom checkbox. This gives:

Clicking 'browse for folder' will open the folder browser:

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