Master Index

ThumbHTML provides the ability to choose a 'Master' folder - i.e. a folder in which all sub-folders represent photo albums.
If you select the menu option "Tools", "Generate Main Index", or press F3, the following dialog box will appear:

All you have to do is to choose the folder you want the program to use as the master folder and enter a suitable title into the relevant text box. Choose a filename (index.html is the default) then click "Create Index.html".
The program will search through the directory tree beneath the chosen folder looking for index files representing photo albums. When it finds one it extracts the title field.
Finally, it generates a master index file, based on the index files located - in tree or list format, according to which of the option buttons has been selected.
The label "Display index.html in default browser" that appears if the file is present is a hot link - i.e. left-clicking on it opens the file in your default browser. Right-clicking on it opens it for editing (in case you want to modify it).

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