This program helps you to generate quick HTML pages of your digital photographs.
To create your web photo album in just FOUR steps:

  • Browse to the folder containing your originals
  • Click the "Batch Process" button on the main Thumbnails tab.
When the images have been resized according to the default settings, the program wil automatically display the HTML tab, and display a message box.

  • Enter a title into the appropriate box and
  • Click the "Make HTML" button, and that's it!
  • Click the 'View pages in browser' link to see what the album looks like.
All that remains is to upload the contents of the folder (including the sub-folders) to your web server or ISP account.

Before going further, I'd like to explain the BASIC PHILOSOPHY of the program - this will help appreciate how the various features provided are used.

The main idea is to separate the program into two distinct parts - thumbnail creation and web page/site creation. The first part is covered by the main page of the program and the first two tabs at the bottom, where (hopefully) all the options are clear. The only area of overlap is in the choice of background colour when drop-shadows are added to the thumbnails - clearly, this same colour needs to be used for the web pages!

For the web page creation, I have aimed to separate the content, style and layout by allowing style sheets and templates to be used. The content is determined by the images selected; the style is determined by either the colours chosen on the colours tab or the stylesheet chosen; the layout is determined by editing the supplied templates, adding the picture elements as required by using the various macro tags provided.

Defaults are supplied which should work fine, and provide a basis from which you can create customised variations.

Detailed Step-by-step guide

1: Resizing Your Main Images ...
2: Adding Picture Information
3: Creating Your Web Pages
4: General
5: Other

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