Here is a list of possible future enhancements, some proposed by me but most suggested by existing users. These are all scheduled for inclusion in future versions of the program, but I can't say exactly WHEN each will happen! Please e-mail me to suggest others, or to support one or more of these!

  • Create a Frequently Asked Questions list - this will save me having to e-mail replies to the same questions!

  • The ability to serve the HTML pages via a web script running on a web server, instead of creating a static page for each image. I would plan to do this in either PHP or Perl (or both!). It would also then be possible for users to add their own comments to each image after deployment to the website. No doubt other interactive options could be included as well.
  • Alternative ways of presenting thumbnails/linked pictures, e.g.
    • Text links, rather than Thumbnails

  • More flexibility in the batch image feature - e.g. the ability to be able to select different characteristics for each size (quality, shadow/no shadow, etc)

  • Greater control over headers/footers - e.g. sub-headers etc

  • Allow users to choose an image for the home/back links

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