Custom Footers

ThumbHTML allows you to add your own customised footer - and a future release will allow you to customise the header as well. This may be easily achieved by either editing the file 'userfooter.txt', found in the ThumbHTML program directory, or to use the built-in editor provided by ThumbHTML - it's available via the 'Tools' menu. This will bring up the editor:

As you will see, I've taken the liberty of putting my own information there as the default!
New in v2.6 are various tools to help with creating the footer HTML. On the menu, these are:

Edit Contains one sub-menu: Undo. This allows you to undo previous edits (up to 20).
(All dates and times will be current)
Choosing 'Font' will bring up another dialog that provides a means of choosing font face, size and colour.

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