ThumbHTML - Frameset default individual image template, with link

  This is the template for the individual image HTML.  You can use the following 'variables':

  <!--image_url-->        URL of individual linked-image web page
  <!--image_filename-->   Filename (not path) of the individual image
  <!--image_width-->      Width of image, in pixels
  <!--image_height-->     Height of image, in pixels
  <!--caption-->          Image caption (comments)
  <!--wintarget-->        If you use this, the program will use the relevant checkbox to decide whether to pop a new window up in the "_new" window frame

  ThumbHTML 2.7.8
  Jeff Waldock, December 11, 2003.
<a href="<!--image_url-->" <!--wintarget--> title="<!--caption-->"><img src="thumb/<!--image_filename-->" hspace="0" vspace="0" border="0" width="<!--image_width-->" height="<!--image_height-->" alt="<!--caption-->" /></a>