Extra Image-Processing Features

ThumbHTML version provides FOUR additional image processing features that you might find useful, if used sparingly.

Sharpening You can choose to sharpen resized images, by checking the checkbox. Select a sharpening amount (default 10%) - you will need to experiment to find the right level.
Greyscale This is a simple checkbox - when checked, ThumbHTML will generate monochrome images.
Apply Tint This allows you to add a coloured tint to your images. Works best when used in conjunction with monochrome images. The 'default' settings of 127 for Red, Green and Blue channels will have NO EFFECT! You must modify these!! Increase the red level to get a red tint, for example, but you will not need to do so by much. Click the 'Sepia' button to apply pre-defined settings which will generate a sepia tint.
Border You can add a border, choosing the size (in pixels) and the colour. Currently, this setting will not function if you also choose a drop-shadow - the drop-shadow will 'override' the border. Actually, it doesn't make a lot of sense to have both anyway.

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