Extracting EXchangable Image File Information from JPEG images

JPG images store additional picture information in the EXIF header of each file. ThumbHTML will extract a selection of the most useful data elements if available (editing and saving JPG files often destroys this information).

Whenever you browse to a new folder containing images, ThumbHTML will generate a file containing the EXIF data with these images and save it to that folder as exifdata.txt [example]. The format of this data file, in which each field is delimited by the | symbol, is suitable for import to a database or Excel.

If the EXIF data are not available, the program uses the existing date and time, and filesize, of the file. All this information, together with the picture comments entered by the user, can be exported to a file 'pictureinfo.txt' by using the appropriate menu item.

If you check the menu item "Display EXIF data with thumbnails" on the Tools menu, ThumbHTML will display the EXIF data as you browse through the set of images, giving a display like that shown on the right

Exporting EXIF data to Excel
From the menu, it is possible to export the EXIF data to an Excel spreadsheet. The file is saved to the root folder using the filename exifdata.xls.
ThumbHTML can add picture information to the output web pages - either the individual linked HTML pages or the slideshow page.

You can tell the program which items to add by selecting the EXIF item from the Tools menu brings up this dialog on the right. You just choose the element you would like to be added.

More information about the Exif file format.

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