It is possible to customise the colours used by the program for various page elements by using the colour picker provided.
Select the palette required from the option button list, click on the element whose colour you wish to change, and choose the colour from the colour picker which pops up. You can cancel by pressing the Esc key, or by using the button labelled 'Ccl' (Cancel).

Colour Picker screenshot

It is also possible to specify the values of the LINK (hyperlink colour), ALINK (active link colour), VLINK (visited link colour), photo data, the date and time, and the footer text.
This can also be done manually, by editing the relevant profiles file, which can be found in the 'profiles' sub-folder of the ThumbHTML program directory.

The relevant entries are ...

The values are in HEX in the form "BBGGRR" with the amounts of blue, green and red specified between 00 and FF. If you edit this file, you need to restart the program to load the new colour values.

Be careful not to edit any other values!

NEW in version 2.4 is the ability to choose a background IMAGE, rather than a colour. Just check the box and you'll be able to select the image file you want to use (a preview will appear in the box shown in place of the background colour). This image will be used for ALL html pages generated by the program while the checkbox is checked. The image file chosen will be copied to the picture folder when the "Make HTML" button is clicked.

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