December 24, 2006
  • Added a console-mode version of ThumbHTML. This facility allows the unattended creation of thumbnails and websites, based upon settings created by the GUI version of ThumbHTML. Some command line switches are available to modify the behaviour, for example letting you specify the source and target folders.
  • _ISource40.dll updated to the latest version (
  • _ISEffects40.dll updated to the latest version (
Build 356, June 27, 2006
  • Fixed a problem reading user comments from the EXIF data
Build 355, February 25, 2006
  • Fixed an error in which the drop-shadow was missing if a background image was chosen. This requires the latest version of ISEffects40.dll (ver ISource40.dll version updated to
Build 354, February 22, 2006
  • Fixed a crash occurring when creating HTML. This was due to an memory setting that should have been changed with the introduction of the new ImageSource library.
Build 353, February 21, 2006
  • Fixed problem in which a yellow background appeared when choosing drop shadows.
Build 352, February 20, 2006
  • Fixed two problems with the frameset template: some frameset files were not saved after editing and the title tag was not being replaced with the title.
Build 351, February 19, 2006
  • Fixed an error when creating borders, caused by incorrect parameters used with the function call in the new ImageSource library.
Build 350, February 10, 2006 - Version 2.9.0
  • new version number because of the inclusion of the new graphics library ImgSource 4.0. All functions have been updated to take advantage of speed gains and other improvements of the new library. The new library files _ISource40.dll and _ISEffects40.dll have been included.
Build 349, September 12, 2005
  • Fixed error in saving some template files
Build 348, May 13, 2005
  • Fixed a problem with EXIF comments from Nikon D100 images edited with Photoshop disappearing
Build 347, April 5, 2005
  • Fixed error showing thumbnails and linked images of bmp files
  • Fixed error reading EXIF data from images generated by the Canon 20D digital camera
Build 346, March 19, 2005
  • Fixed a problem with errors occurring when the user is not logged in with Administrator rights. The problem was caused by not having rights to write the PHP settings to the registry. The program now checks for Admin rights - if not found these settings are not saved to the registry.
Build 345, February 13, 2005
  • Fixed a problem with non-ASCII characters sometimes appearing the the 'copyright' field of EXIF data from JPG images.
Build 344, January 22, 2005
  • Fixed the forum link address in the 'Help' menu
Build 343, January 15, 2005
  • Added a new checkbox on the HTML tab, to instruct the program to use the first image comment for all images in the album
  • Fixed a small error in which the text 'Click on the thumbnail for a larger version!' had an extra !.
Build 341, January 09, 2005
  • The manual sort feature had an odd behaviour - the thumbnail changed in size when it was dragegd and dropped. This is now fixed.
Build 340, December 18, 2004
  • Fixed a loophole which overwrote original images if the sub-folder text box was empty. The program now checks for this and provides a warning dialog. The user can then choose to abort the creation of thumbnails if it is a mistake.
Build 339, November 12, 2004
  • Drop shadows on background images now allow the blur setting to work correctly, and now use the same process as drop shadows on a background colour - they look better!
Build 338, October 24, 2004
  • Added ability to erase all comments in the 'Add Picture Info' window.
Build 337, August 14, 2004
  • Added movie links to the PHP output. Index.php updated accordingly.
  • Can now also add separate comments for the movie files - see new menu item.
  • Movie links display also improved, and include any .thm thumbnails that are found.
  • Stylesheets updated to allow customisation of this display.
Build 336, August 12, 2004
  • Improved the php output to incorporate the checkbox settings on the HTML tab. 'Include picture data', 'image number', 'image filename', 'navigation buttons' now work in the linked image pages (showpic.php) and the 'include comments with thumbnails' now correctly works with the index.php page. This change requires new php pages, and new css stylesheets - all have been updated.
Build 335. August 11, 2004
  • Improved the manual sorting facility. It is now possible to change the size of the window to display more images, so that it is easier to sort them
Build 334, August 10, 2004
  • Fixed an error that occurs if a file 'info.txt' in the images folder is NOT a valid Nikon data file. The program now handles this gracefully!
Build 333, August 8, 2004
  • If an output style of 'thumbnails only' is selected, then the checkboxes 'link to original image' and 'link opens in new window' will now work, using the original image (no HTML)
Build 332, August 3, 2004
  • Previously, when creating thumbnails, the program would delete any existing files in the target folder for images that were not selected. This is because the program uses the images present in the thumb folder to 'remember' which were last selected. To allow different re-sized images to be created, this is now changed so that ONLY images in the 'thumb' sub-folder are deleted.
Build 331, August 2, 2004
  • Improved the IPTC-reading capability considerably. The program now read all common IPTC tags, and placeholders for them are now available in linkedimage.tmp. See the comments at the top of linkedimage.tmp for more details.
Build 330, August 1, 2004
  • Fixed a problem using the date-sort feature when the date has been specified by the user to include the day name
Build 329, July 23, 2004
  • changed the text so that when the name of the folder is NOT numeric, the word 'pixel' is not used
Build 328, July 4, 2004
  • Fixed a memory leak when creating borders, drop-shadows and square-cropped images (basically anything that changed the image size).
Build 327, June 14, 2004
  • Fixed a problem in which the EXIF comments for some camera data appeared to be corrupted
Build 326, June 3, 2004
  • Fixed problem when creating a 100% 'thumbnail' with watermark, but without either a border or a drop-shadow (a zero-length image was being created)
  • Changed the label in the watermark settings dialog from 'transparency' (incorrect) to 'opacity' (correct)
  • Selecting the position of the watermark in the Batch Settings dialog now automatically sets the OffsetX and OffsetY parameters to try to ensure the watermark is not placed 'off' the image.
  • Fixed Error 5 caused by the program attempting to parse an empty index html file (looking for an existing title to put into the 'title' text box on the HTML tab)
Build 325, June 2, 2004
  • Fixed some problems losing settings while loading profiles. Seemed to be due to invalid folders.
Build 324, June 1, 2004
    - Added two other makernote settings for Canon data - canon32 (white balance) and canon33 (subject distance).
  • Fixed a few errors with the PHP output files. One requires the program update (change to config.php)
Build 323, May 29, 2004
  • The ISO setting for some cameras (e.g. Canon) is stored in the MakerNote section, and was not detected by the program. This is now fixed.
  • The other data stored in the Canon makernote section are also now available, via placeholders in the linkedimage.tmp file, using placeholders like <!--canon**-->, where ** is the entry number. Look here for a description of the information available.
Build 321, May 2, 2004
  • Added the automatic inclusion of links to other image sizes, for the PHP script (this feature was already included with the html output templates)
Build 320, April 25, 2004
  • Added ability to remove the 'ALT' text added to images (use the checkbox in the Options dialog)
  • Fixed a problem using the non-frameset 'order_by_email' template - the mail links were not working.
Build 319, March 21, 2004
  • Added ability to choose the filename for the thumbnail index pages. This is entered into a text box on the HTML tab. The chosen name is stored in the current profile. Old profiles (without an entry for this) will use the default of index, but will be updated when next saved.
  • Can now interrupt the creation of thumbnails. This was causing a problem when lots were requested by mistake!
Version 2.8.0 (Build 318), March 7, 2004
  • Added PHP form of output. This obviously requires a web server running PHP, so don't try to view the files directly and expect them to work. Four PHP files, and no HTML files, need to be uploaded (as well as your images, of course). You can configure the PHP scripts to allows comments to be added to the images after upload, and to display the number of times each image has ben viewed. Can configure the format/behaviour by simply editing the PHP templates and/or the config.php file that is created. Currently, only the default template style is implemented in PHP form.
Build 317, February 11, 2004
  • image previews are now shown when not selected, provided an EXIF-embedded thumbnail exists.
Build 316, February 10, 2004
  • Added a number of placeholders to the linkedimage.tmp templates to allow data from EXIF tags embedded within jpg images to be added on an individual basis:
    <!--exif_make-->, <!--exif_model-->, <!--exif_image_dim-->
    <!--exif_aperture-->, <!--exif_focallength-->, <!--exif_shutterspeed-->
    <!--exif_image_quality-->, <!--exif_iso-->, <!--exif_copyright-->
    <!--exif_artist-->, <!--exif_program-->, <!--exif_metering-->
    and <!--image_filesize-->.
Build 315, February 9, 2004
  • Can now save navigation images to a shared folder/URL. Specify this information via the Options dialog (F2). I'm not too happy about this because it becomes rather messy. Has required a modification to the linkedimage.tmp template file, adding a <--navurl--> placeholder.
Build 314, January 23, 2004
  • The HTML title is now 'remembered' by the program when returning to a folder. It actually uses the <title> tag of the index file with the currently-selected extension (if present in the target folder).
  • Linked-images that open in a new window (either because the Modified_New_Window template is chosen, or because the 'open linked images in new window' checkbox is checked) are now closed when you click on the home/back icon. This avoids creating multiple copies of the thumbnail window.
Build 313, January 2, 2004
  • Improved the handling of the reading of EXIF data when changes made to images - the program now refreshes the EXIF data displayed after 'Re-Create EXIF data file' is selected from the menu.
  • Fixed problem with reading some EXIF information (Artist)
Build 312, December 21
  • Completely rewritten the Batch-Process feature. ALL aspects of the image creation process can now be applied to any number of batch-process events, and can be selected using the new dialog created for this purpose. Batch details are no longer included as part of the 'Profile', so old profiles will not work (but you can just delete the [Batch] section). New batch information stored in 'batch_settings.txt' created by ThumbHTML - you cannot edit this directly.
Build 311, December 13
  • modified the behaviour of the 'Frameset_Order_by_Email' template, ading a new placeholder. You can now add as many of these to the navigation template (left.tmp) as you like.
  • Also fixed a error that occurred if too many links were added.
Build 310, December 11
  • Updated the way the program uses templates. All templates, including the frameset variety, are now stored in the 'templates' sub-folder. Frameset templates should begin 'frameset_'. The program checks that the selected output style is consistent with the chosen frameset. All now use image templates in their thumbnails (providing greater control of the image layout).
  • Added a version of the 'Order_by_Email' template that uses frames.
Version 2.7.8, Build 309 - December 10, 2003
  • ThumbHTML is now able to save the sort order of images. This is achieved by saving a small file (sortorder.txt) to the target folder that simply lists the images in the order in which they were last saved. The program now has to check to see if any of these images have disappeared since the last visit, and if there are any new ones.
  • The program now uses templates for the layout of each image or image link in the thumbnail pages. This allows you to modify the behaviour of the HTML when users click on linked-images. This was prompted by a request to be able to pop up windows of pre-determined sizes, without icons etc, using Javascript - and a new template has now been added for this purpose (Modified_New_Window). Apologies about this name - I need to think of something better! All templates have been updated accordingly, including those introduced in the last build.
  • The icons used for the 'home' and 'back' links have been changed (improved?) and now exhibit 'rollover' behaviour.
  • The help file has been improved, although there is still more to do!
  • The program now clears all HTML, Javascript and CSS files from the target folder before it makes the new set of files. This avoids the build up of different files when trying out different output formats for the same folder.
Build 308 - December 4, 2003
  • Added a new template (Order_by_Email). This adds 3 form fields below each thumbnail to allow people to select images and order copies. The form fields are: a checkbox to select the image, a drop-down list of sizes and a text box to enter the number of copies required. When selections are made a hyperlink is updated, and when this is clicked, a summary of the order is opened as a new e-mail window in the user's default e-mail client. You can modify all aspects of this via the templates and the style sheet.
  • Fixed a few small errors in declaring string lengths, and trimming blank space. Some more double-backslashes in filenames that can give errors with Win9x were also removed.
Build 307 - December 2, 2003
  • Fixed some more occurrences of double-backslashes in filenames (causes problems in Win9x)
Build 306 - November 29
  • Modified toolbar used to sort and select images - no separate buttons are now used.
Build 305 - November 28
  • Added the ability to generate a master index file (accessed via the menu or F3). You can choose a root folder, and the program scans all folders within that for files names 'index.*' and extracts the title of each page from the <title> tag. A web page is then generated providing links to each of these pages, either as a list or in 'tree' format.
Build 304 - November 24
  • Fixed Open error when the background file path was >60 characters. This filepath can now be up to 255 characters.
Build 303 - November 23
  • The program replaced quotation marks in comments with " leading to a difficulty if the comment included a hyperlink. The program now only does this if the 'allow HTML in comments' option is not checked.
Build 302 - November 18, 2003
  • Added German language file (thanks devilr)
  • removed the limitation of 500 pictures in a slideshow
  • added option to allow/disallow right-clicking on the HTML pages to save the pictures. Default is 'allow'. Modified via the options dialog (press F2).
  • added ability to create custom thumbnail pages by inserting placeholders for individual images with e.g. . Pages will still expect the specified number of images though.
Build 301 - November 16, 2003
  • Arrow keys now correctly update thumbnail preview image when choosing images
  • Now encodes the following symbols correctly in HTML: & (&amp;), " (&quot;), £ (&pound;) and € (&euro;) can add others by editing the HTMLEntities.txt file.
  • Can choose to allow or disallow HTML in image comments and title (default is allow).
  • Fixed error message when trying to open a previously deleted folder
Build 299 - November 8, 2003
  • Added a collection of new stylesheets
  • Added ability to customise the language used in the various embedded comments added to the HTML output pages
  • Added a menu option to allow users to enable/disable the HTML encoding of non-English characters
  • Added a check when clicking 'Make HTML' to ensure all required images are present. Should avoid the 'file not found' error when trying to create HTML pages AFTER adding extra files to the set chosen.
  • Now shows the thumbnail images while creating new sizes
  • Reports the language setting in the title bar
  • Fixed error found when creating HTML pages with no EXIF items chosen but with the picturedata checkbox checked.
Version 2.7.7, Build 295 - 29 October 2003
I thought it was time for an incremental version change!
  • Added key controls to slideshow (p for pause, home for re-start). Requires slight change to stylesheet and template.
  • Added ability to link 'thumbnail-only' style thumbnails to the original images.
  • Fixed error where image comments were not being saved. This occurred when the output and input folders were different.
  • Fixed 'Open Error' when clicking 'Make HTML' with 'Thumbnails ONLY' output style
Build 292 - 4 October 2003
  • Enabled non-English characters to be recognised in the HTML output = the program now encodes these using the HTML entities.
Build 291 - 2 October 2003
  • Modified table width in the thumbnails page to be fixed - image size*columns. This allows comments to correctly wrap within the table column.
  • When clicking on a folder called 'thumb' the program now blanks the file list and the thumbnail image.
Build 290 - 1 October 2003
  • Fixed various problems surrounding bmp and png files.
  • Behaviour of JPG, BMP and PNG checkboxes is now as expected - this has involved moving them away from the tabbed dialog onto the main window.
  • Can now successfully add comments to bmp and png files as well as to jpg files.
Build 289 - 16 September 2003
  • Fixed problem that occurred when deselecting images from the list - the small thumbnails were being deleted. This behaviour is intentional when the thumb directory is current (the program uses the list of thumbnails to 'remember' what was previously chosen) but not for other folders.
Build 288 - 13 September 2003
  • Added minimise button to the main window
2.7.6 Build 287 - 6 September 2003
  • Made the HTML output XHTML-compliant. One remaining problem is the frameset tag - the border="0" element does not validate, but I cannot yet find a way to achieve the desired effect using style sheets.
2.7.6 Build 286 - 27 August 2003
  • Program writes 'True' and 'False' for some settings values - this was causing a problem with some language settings other than English. This has now been fixed by writing these values out explicitly rather than using the system settings.
2.7.6 Build 285 - 13 August 2003
  • Added ability to add a prefix/suffix to the original filenames (in root folder)
  • Can also remove some fixed text from all filenames
  • Fixed file renaming so that the list is automaticaly refreshed when changing the names
2.7.6 Build 284 - 22 July 2003
  • Added ability to change the filenames by providing a pattern. Can include picture date/time information.
  • Added date sort facility
  • Now reads JPG comments. Order of precedence (last overwriting first): EXIF —> IPTC —> JPG Comments —> Manual.
  • Fixed problem with manual sort in which the images selected changed afterwards
2.7.5 Build 282 - 20 July 2003
  • Added .mpeg to list of movie files recognised
  • Added ability to extract IPTC data tags from images. Currently can extract Artist/Author, Copyright, Headline, Description, and Creation Date. The program will automatically extract these data if present, but uses manually-edited data in preference.
2.7.5 Build 281 - 09 July 2003
  • The program now 'remembers' the last value entered in the 'Home URL' box, when choosing the frameset template.
  • Fixed frameset information - the choices made by the checkbox selections on the HTML tab and by the macro elements in the linkedimage.tmp frameset template needed 'synchronisation'. There is still a problem in deciding whether to use the templates/macro approach or to allow selections via the checkboxes. The system does now behave as expected!
2.7.5 Build 280 - 06 July 2003
  • Fixed stray commas in picture data output if EXIF picture size was not chosen
2.7.5 Build 279 - 02 July 2003
  • Removed height and wifth attributes of home.gif and back.gif in images folder, so users can substitute their own icons of different size without being forced to be 32x32 pixels
  • Program now copies ALL images in the 'images' folder (those beginning 'nv', however, are only copied if navigational images are requested)
2.7.5 Build 278 - 25 June 2003
  • Fixed Error 53 when opening new folder, and OS is Win98 (filepath incorrectly contained a double-backslash which Win98 does not recognise).
2.7.5 Build 277 - 12 June 2003
  • The program now uses any information currently present in the 'User Comments' EXIF field of JPG images for image comments. Any changes made by the user in the "add comments" window overwrite these.
  • The program now 'remembers' which images were selected when the 'Make Thumbnails' button was last used on that folder.
  • Added display of larger images available, via right-clicking on the thumbnail displayed
  • Fixed the display of images selected on the 'Create Images' button.
2.7.5 Build 273 - 8 June 2003
  • Modified behaviour when selecting/de-selecting from the list of images in a folder. The program now creates/deletes thumbnails in the thumb folder on selection-de-selection and uses the presence of thumbnails to display the same selections in the checklist on the next visit.
2.7.5 Build 272 - 3 June 2003
  • Fixed bug giving wrong imagecount when using the framset output style.
2.7.5 Build 271 - 2 June 2003
  • Fixed bug giving 'Error 7' when sorting files with filenames having a numerical part greater than the integer limit (32767).
2.7.5 Build 270 - 31 May 2003
  • Added new output style (using a frameset). Changed layout of the HTML tab to accommodate this. Requires new templates for the frameset - included in the distribution as a 'frameset' folder. No editing facilities yet available for these - must use your own text editor.
  • Fixed truncation to 17 characters of date. Now allows up to 30 characters.
  • Fixed creation of 'thumb' sub-folders within 'thumb' folders.
  • Fixed problem placing navigational images at the bottom of the main image.
2.7.5 Build 267 - 27 May 2003
  • Added ability to apply both border AND drop-shadow (previously the drop-shadow overrode the border setting)
  • Added ability to choose a different output folder. Use the option button on the Settings tab.
  • Fixed error in HTML output, involving double quotation marks and a missing table row tag (<tr>)
  • Ensured that extra dots are allowed in filenames. One dot (the one preceding the file extension) is required, of course.
  • Fixed error occurring when selecting a gif image for a background - image processing of gifs is not possible becaue of licensing restrictions. Program modified to only allow jpg images for backgrounds.
2.7.4 Build 262 - 22 May 2003
  • Added <!--totalnumber--> macro element to the linkedimage template to enable the total number of selected images in the set to be inserted by the program. Allows the generation of 'Image 1 of 10' message etc.
  • Fixed the creation of drop-shadows onto a background image - previously a border of solid color around the image was produced by the program; now the background used the image selected, tiled as necessary.
  • Fixed Error 5 that appears when you crop an image in portrait format. Caused by a typing error on my part!
2.7.4 Build 261 - 19 May 2003
  • Added facility to crop thumbnails square - as requested by users. The size is cropped so that the smaller side equals the size requested; the other side is cropped to match. The batch facility was also modified to allow square thumbails to be generated automatically if desired.
  • Changed the layout of the HTML tab to separate out the options for the thumbnail pages from the linked-image pages.
  • Added a checkbox to allow links to 'also available' and 'full-size' images from the linked-image pages to appear in a new window.
  • Added the 'Choose EXIF' elements to the profile, so these choices are now saved along with the other settings for each profile. This therefore requires an updated profile, although the program will automatically upgrade existing profiles, replacing them with the new version on exit.
  • Changed batch function so that only selected images are processed rather than all images
  • Changed HTML image numbers to ensure they are correct when selecting a subset of the original collection
  • Added ability to choose whether or not the slideshow should 'loop'.
  • Added facility to select vertical position of navigation buttons in linked-image pages.
  • Added ability to include hyperlinks to any movie files found in the root folder (.mov, .mpg, .avi, .wmv)
  • Fixed problem where no drop shadows are created when the 100% box is checked
  • Removed stray line on the linked-image template that provides an e-mail link to a fictitious address. [NB: These changes require a new default profile, stylesheet and thumbnail template]
2.7.2 Build 256 - 12 April 2003
  • Fixed error in Javascript on linked image pages - IE did not like the keypress-handling code intended for Gecko (Mozilla). New version copies a browser-detection script (browserdetect.js), so you'll need to make sure you've got this in your ThumbHTML folder. Also requires updated linked image template (linkedimage.tmp). New downloads include these.
  • Added keystroke navigation to linked image pages:
       First image (F)
       Previous image (P, backspace, back-arrow)
       Next image (N, Enter, Tab, forward arrow)
       Last image (L)
       Home page (H)
2.7.2 Build 254 - 1 April 2003
  • Added ability to use a file extension of .shtml
  • Changed filenames of the navigation images to conform to 8.3 pattern
  • Added facility to sort images alphabetically or numerically
  • Added ability to create, edit and delete templates from within ThumbHTML
  • fixed error in navigation link for first or last image, when not all images in the list were selected
  • Fixed "Open Error 2" problem when no navigation images are required - the program was incorrectly trying to open the files to find the image dimensions.
  • Fixed missing "Click on the thumbnail for a larger version" message when the number of images on a page is less than the chosen maximum.
  • Reading existing EXIF data file now works correctly!
  • Slideshow transition time was not correct. This has now been fixed
Version 2.7.2 (Build 244) - 17 March 2003
  • Added jpeg (or JPEG) as allowable aliases for jpg (or JPG) files
  • Added a menu item to show this page
  • Fixed incorrect handling of 100% checkbox
  • Fixed incorrect notification of Thumbnail creation progress when not images selected
  • Fixed problem with exporting to Excel - the program would crash if a version of Excel other than XP was on the client machine
  • Fixed errors reading EXIF data when some fields were empty.
Version 2.7.1 (Build 232) - 26 February 2003
  • Changed checkbox on HTML tab to provide a means of removing all picture data from linked-image page output
  • Added further error traps to help reduce undiagnosed errors
  • Fixed error 9 that occurred when changing date format when no images present
  • Fixed program's ability to render apostrophes in slideshow comments
  • Fixed error displaying "Also Available" in linked image pages when there are no other images available
Version 2.7.1 (Build 229) (20 February 2003)
  • Navigation buttons were added with fixed height and width tags. The program now adds the correct size, or does not specify, if they are gif images (the imagesource library does not handle gif images due to UNISYS copyright).
  • Added a checkbox to HTML tab to allow NO linked images to be specified - i.e. for thumbnails ONLY. This has necessitated a change to the template. The text "Click on the thumbnail for a larger version" is now incorporated into the program, and only added if it is needed.
  • Added small feature to generate thumbnails for images which do not currently have them. Solves the problem of the message "No thumbnail currently available" appearing.
  • When browsing to a new folder containing images, the propgram does not now scan through each image. This speeds up the loading of new folders considerably.
  • Fixed error opening zero-length image files
  • Fixed array limit of 50 subfolders
  • Bug Fix - fixed error in Watermark dialog where program gave error if font size box blanked
  • Bug Fix - fixed errors running program on Windows 98/Me, caused by multiple backslashes in filenames
  • Bug Fix - Export to Excel gave protection fault if Excel2002 was not available. Now uses Excel9 library.
  • Bug fix - possible filename error with \\ instead of \ if the image folder is the root folder of a drive
  • Bug Fix - runtime error 9 'subscript out of range' occurred when more than 10 sub-folders were present when creating HTML pages. I've increased the maximum number of sub-folders to 50. Hope this is enough!
  • Bug Fix - removed 20 character limitation on the filename used in storing the EXIF data
2.7.1 (4 February 2003)
  • EXIF data can now be exported to Excel
  • Custom footer now added to each of the templates. Can contain other macros, since this element is replaced first by ThumbHTML when creating the web pages.
  • Dates now update immediately on selection of different date format.
  • Added context-sensitive help (when pressing F1) to many elements of the program.
  • Added confirm dialog before exit when pressing <Esc>
  • Further updates of help file
  • Some minor interface tweaks
  • Bug Fix - removed 256 character limitation in length of footer.
Version 2.7 - (01/02/2003)
  • Redesigned the way the program deals with EXIF data and picture comments.
  • Automatically extracts any EXIF data found to a file exifdata.txt.
  • User can choose to save all picture information to a file picturedata.txt
  • Can now view all EXIF data while browsing images in the program (check menu item under 'Tools')
  • Program now uses a style sheet for its web pages (photos.css). You can either use a custom style sheet (simple editor provided) or let the program create one from the settings chosen by the user. Tab title changed from 'Colours' to 'Styles'.
  • Another big change is that user templates are now provided for each of the three types of web page ThumbHTML provides (Thumbnails, Linked-Images and Slideshow).
  • Option provided on Tools menu to regenerate the default templates, if you have messed up!
  • Linked to the last point is the fact that edited footers are now redundant, being replaced by the text in the templates.
  • Added a link on the Slideshow tab to display the slideshow in the default browser (disabled if the slideshow file is not present in the current folder)
  • Help file updated
Version 2.6.2 - (18/01/2003)
  • Added a link on the HTML tab to display the web album in the default browser (disabled if an index.htm or index.html file is not present in the current folder)
  • Added new ISEffects library to provide improved drop-shadowing. Features include user-specified shadow size, colour, angle and blur.
  • Updated ImageSource library function - providing speed increase of approx 30% on filtered resizes.
  • Added a link to the users' forum.
  • Bug Fix: Images which had been modified (and in which the EXIF data had therefore been changed or deleted) sometimes caused the appearance of an error box "5 - invalid procedure call or argument" when creating HTML pages. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed the display of thumbnails on the main tab. Images that had been rotated displayed oddly, and for images where no EXIF data are available, any existing thumnail is used instead.
  • Bug Fix: Problem with file extensions being incorrect case - always converted to lower case after thumbnail is created. This was causing problems when files uploaded to UNIX server.
  • Bug fix: slideshow filename extension was not saved correctly (always .htm)
Version 2.6.2 - (09/01/2003)
  • Added new ISEffects library to provide improved drop-shadowing. Features include user-specified shadow size, colour, angle and blur.
  • Updated ImageSource library function - providing speed increase of approx 30% on filtered resizes.
  • Bug Fix: Problem with file extensions being incorrect case - always converted to lower case after thumbnail is created. This was causing problems when files uploaded to UNIX server.
  • Bug fix: slideshow filename extension was not saved correctly (always .htm)
Version 2.6.0 - (01/01/2003)
  • New year, new version! There has been a major change to the image processing routines, due to an upgrade in the ImageSource library from version 2.2 to 3.0. This has involved a lot of internal re-writing, and there MAY be new bugs introduced. I have checked for this, but ...!
  • Other changes:
  • A different algorithm for creating drop-shadows has been introduced. A shadow is now created offset by a user-specified amount from the image, with the rest of the background filled in with the currently chosen background colour. The shadow can be blurred a user-specified amount (1-100%) - the default is 75%
  • A more fully-featured editor for the user-footer has been added (see the relevant menu item)
  • Additional image-processing features have been added: the ability to create a greyscale image, and to apply a tint (can produce sepia-style images for example), and the ability to apply a sharpening filter (use sparingly, particularly with small images)
  • Speeded up display of thumbnails in main screen, and in the Picture Info dialog, by using the thumbnails embedded in the EXIF data of JPG files, whenever available.
  • Other cosmetic changes to the front-end designed to make usage more straightforward
Version 2.5.0 - (15/12/2002)
  • Major new feature - PROFILES.
    The program now allows you to save 'profiles' - i.e. groups of settings that you want to be able to recall later. Included in the profile is the batch file settings and user-defined footer. This information is saved to files kept in a sub-folder called 'profiles' within the ThumbHTML folder, each using the chosen profile name as the filename. Profiles can be added, selected and deleted by means of the new 'Profiles' menu item.
  • General settings (last-used profile, auto-save profile on exit and auto-load last profile on restart) now saved in a NEW ThumbHTML.ini file in the program folder.
Version 2.4.2 - (08/12/2002)
  • Added ability to choose date format. Default is European, alternative is US format, otherwise you can choose your own format, using the usual placeholder characters of dd,mm,yy etc. (Robert Gusick)
Version 2.4.1 - (27/11/2002)
  • Fixed EXIF image date to be the date of the original image, rather than date last modified (Eirik Ora)
  • Fixed crash when trying to access an empty A: drive (Peter van Lune)
  • Added the ability to choose a background image instead of a background colour (Radu Catina, Georg Reichard, Peter van Lune)
Version 2.4.0 - (16/11/2002)
  • Fixed bug in reading EXIF data, where picture information did not appear to be extracted from the image. This occurred for filenames > 20 characters. I have now increased the filename field to 30 characters. (Eirik Ora)
  • Fixed bug in the slideshow applets in which an incorrect backslash '\' was inserted before filenames in the 'root' folder (Eirik Ora)
  • Fixed bug in which the 'html' part of filenames was missing - this was a bug introduced earlier when I enabled either .htm or .html extensions!
  • Fixed bug giving "Error 6, Overflow" caused by the shutter speed element of the EXIF array containing a number > 32767 (hence outside the integer limit) (Ng)
  • Added a checkbox to allow the use of either .htm or .html for html pages (Martin Briscoll)
  • Added a checkbox to choose linked images to appear in pop-up windows rather than in the same window (Exec)
  • Added a checkbox to the HTML tab to allow users to choose whether or not to add links to the full-size images. (Derran)
Version 2.3.2 - (14/09/2002)
  • Added a 'back' image as well as a 'home' image to the individual html pages so that you can return to the previous thumbnail page, as well as to the index page (thanks to Radu Catina for the suggestion)
  • Modified the watermark dialog so that when selecting one of the 9 regions in which to place the watermark, the default X and Y offsets change accordingly.
Version 2.3.1 - (08/09/2002)
  • Fixed bug in which files in the 'main' folder, with file extensions of .jpg, were being referred to within the HTML with an extension of .JPG. This caused a problem when uploading to UNIX servers where case-sensitivity is an issue. (Thanks to Chris Barrett for pointing this out).
Version 2.3 - September 2002
  • Added a text watermarking facility. You can now specify text to overlay on your images, and choose its position, size, colour and transparency. The text can include 'macro' keywords so that, for example, the filename and/or date can be automatically added.
  • Added a facility to choose the order in which the images are presented. Foremerly, the images were simply presented in the order in which they are automatically sorted (i.e. alphabetically by filename). Now, it is possible to select the order yourself. You can drag and drop thumbnails until they are in the desired order.
  • Choose the colours of the various HTML elements within the program. Previously the program let you select the foreground and background colours; other colour elements could be selected by manually editing the ThumbHTML.ini file. The program now provides the ability to select these interactively. These choices are saved when you exit the program.

Version 2.2.2 - (27/08/2002)
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug reported by Peter Smit in which the case of the HTML filename was incorrect in the navigation link between individual image pages.
  • Fixed incorrect HTML in the navigation links in the individual-image HTML pages. Superfluous tags were being added when no hyperlink was required (for the first and last images).
  • Fixed bug giving rise to runtime error 68 (Device unavailable) or 76 (Path not found) on startup. This was caused by the previous folder having been deleted by the user - the program could not then find this when starting up! It now traps this error, gives a warning message, and sets the startup folder as the program folder.

Version 2.2 - August 2002
  • 09 Aug 02: Added navigation buttons to individual HTML pages to allow users to move directly from one to another without naving to return to the thumbnails page. This feature is enabled by default but can be turned off from the HTML tab. (Thanks to Reinoud Hermans for the suggestion)
  • 09 Aug 02: Added checkboxes to the HTML tab to choose whether or not to add the image number and/or filename to the individual web pages. (Thanks to Steve Acup for the suggestion)
  • 09 Aug 02: Added a batch resize facility. This allows you to pre-define a set of folders (and image sizes) to be created in a one-click process. The action can be initiated via the 'Batch Process' button and customised via the relevant menu item - see the 'Tools' menu. The details of the settings are stored in batch.txt - a text file located in the ThumbHTML folder (Thanks to Tommy Vornanen for the suggestion)
  • 10 Aug 02: Modified slideshow facility so that you can optionally choose to add some, all or none of the following: image comments, image date/time, photo details, filenames and image count. These change dynamically along with the image. The choice of photo details is taken from the EXIF choices available via the menu.
  • 10 Aug 02: The user can now choose to use the datestamp of the image file, rather than the EXIF or camera data, for the image date/time.
  • 10 Aug 02: The user can now choose to add the image count to the slideshow (e.g. 4 of 42).
The program incorrectly added backslashes rather than forward slashes to URLs - this has now been corrected (thanks to Reinoud Hermans for spotting this)

The program now correctly replaces newlines in picture comments with <br> tags for display in the HTML pages (Steve Acup).

Version 2.1 - March 2004
Due to some problems using a separate DOS program to extract the EXIF data from JPG images, this has now been replaced by a function incorporated into the main program. Also, a new menu item (choose EXIF data, on the Tools menu) was added to allow users to decide which of the additional elements of picture information to add to their HTML pages.

Version 2.0 - May 2002
There have been many changes introduced in ThumbHTML both as a result of requests received, and for my own personal needs! These are summarised below, (together with an acknowledgement of the suggestee(s)!):
  • A facility to add comments to images (Astrid van der Knaap and Bill Weide)
    This has been a pressing need for some time! The program has a menu option which allows to generate a comments file, which is saved in the current folder.
    For more details on the comments feature, click here; for more information about the recommended file structures used by ThumbHTML, click here.
  • Linked image pages (me)
    Previously, image thumbnails were linked directly to the 'raw' image. This has now been changed - ThumbHTML generates an additional HTML page for each image, containing image information (see below), and comments, using the selected colour scheme. In order to assist this, and other new features to work successfully, some 'rules' are now recommended with regard to the naming of sub-folders of the image directory. Click here for full details. [Example]
  • Inclusion of Image Data (Steen Traberg-Borup)
    As indicated above, image data are now included in the linked pages. This information is taken from either the file INFO.TXT, generated automatically by Nikon digital cameras, if it is found in the current folder, or if not, the required picture information is extracted directly from the EXIF header embedded in the JPG images. Clearly, this is not possible if the images in question are not JPEGs! - in this case, no image data are retrieved.
    Click here for full details.
  • Slideshow (Astrid van der Knaap)
    ThumbHTML now allows you to generate a slideshow of your images. This only works on IE5, IE6 and NS6 and above (but this covers a fair proportion of current browsers in use!). You can select a title, the delay between images and the transition time.
    Click here for full details.
  • Page colours user-definable (Scott Kurtzeborn)
    In addition to choosing the foreground and background colours by using the colour-picker, it is now possible to specify the ALINK, VLINK and LINK colours, as well as the colours used for photo data, the image date and the footer elements.
    Click here for full details
  • Other changes

  • Other smaller changes are:
    • Can choose thumbnails to be formatted in a table, or free-form
    • ThumbHTML can optionally remember the last folder used
    • Settings are saved each time the program closes. Can reset to program defaults if desired.
    • You can add a user-defined footer to each page.

Version 1.4 - January 2002
In response to a number of requests, the program now makes thumbnails and HTML pages of PNG and BMP files as well as JPG files. Thumbnails are still in JPG format, however.
It is not possible to include GIF files due to the licensing restrictions imposed by Unisys, who hold the patent to the algorithm used in compressing GIF files.
The program also checks to see if the thumbnails of all selected images are present in the named thumbnail folder, and gives an error message if this is not the case.
Thirdly, the technique used for determining image sizes when creating the HTML pages has been re-written, speeding this up so that the process is now almost instantaneous.

Version 1.3.1 - December 2001
A change has been made to improve the way ThumbHTML handles the thumbnail folders.
Previously, when creating HTML pages, the program looked specifically for a sub-folder called "thumb" - this has now been changed and the program will use whatever is currently entered into the "Sub-Directory Name" textbox on the "ThumbNails" tab.
Also, the program now checks to make sure that the filenames in the thumbnails folder match those in the main image directory - if a mismatch is found then a warning message is given and the HTML functions are disabled. The program will re-check whenever (a) a new folder is selected, (b) a new sub-directory name is entered or (c) when a new tab is chosen.

Version 1.2 - October 2001
In response to several requests, added the ability to select a sub-set of images in a folder to be used for the HTML pages. Also tweaked the user interface to make it (hopefully!) clearer, as follows:
1. Removed exit button (replaced by menu and keypress -ESC).
2. Removed help icon (replaced by menu and keypress - F1).
3. Updated the help file, and changed it from RTF to CHM.
4. Made the HTML section of the page enabled/disabled rather than visible/invisible.
5. Added a checkbox to allow users to choose whether or not to overwrite existing thumbnails

Version 1.3 - November 2001
Firstly, I have added the ability to not resize files - this is to allow images to just be given a drop-shadow. Note, however, that this does add a few pixels to two edges to make room for the shadow.
Secondly, the following settings are now user-selectable:
1. The shadow size, in pixels. This was previously set to 10 (still the default).
2. JPEG quality setting (previously 95%, still the default).
3. The shadow position (default is bottom right).
4. Progressive JPG (true/false). Default true.
5. Apply blur (default false).
Thirdly, I have made a few cosmetic changes - the increased number of settings have necessitated a re-arrangement. I have added a tabbed dialog to avoid the screen becoming too cluttered. The settings can be saved to a local .ini file by pressing the button on the 'settings' tab. A status bar has also been added, and used to provide a few additional help hints.
Lastly, this help file has been updated.

Version 1.1 - April 2001
Added ability to create drop shadows, and to use different re-sizing algorithm.
Also provided colour pickers in web-safe and named-colour palettes.

Version 1 - January 2001
Basic program with ability to create thumbnails of a fixed size.