Batch Processing

A new feature, introduced in ThumbHTML 2.2, is the ability to carry out a 'batch' process of your images. This means that you can pre-define a set of sub-folder names and image sizes to be created, and the program will generate the whole set in one go.
From version 2.7.8 (Build 312) this has been greatly extended so that all image setings can be pre-determined as part of a set of batch settings.

The program comes with a default set comprising the 'thumb' folder, with images resized to 150 pixels, and a 'main' folder, with images set at 600 pixels. The details of these can be edited, and further folders can be added via the "Tools","Set up batch processing" menu option.

This opens the following dialog:

Batch processing dialog

In the screenshot above, all possible settings are displayed.

You can select one of the pre-existing batch settings entries via the drop-down list box at the top. Changes made to any of the settings will be automatically stored.

To add a new entry, click the 'Add Entry' toolbar button and type the folder name required into the popup input box. Once created, you cannot edit the folder name of an entry - you have to delete this entry and add a new one.

To apply default settings to the current entry, click the 'Default' toolbar button.

To delete a setting, click the 'Delete' toolbar button. You cannot delete the 'thumb' or the 'main' entries.

You can reset all settings to the factory defaulots by using the button with that label.

You can also display a text listing of all the current settings by clicking the 'Show Entries' button:

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