Language Settings

As of build 292, the program allows you to customise the language used for the text output to HTML.

When it loads, the program searches for language files found in the lang sub-folder of the ThumbHTML folder.
Each of these folders contains one file - html_messages.txt - which contains the text strings used by the program. You can edit these as you see fit. Shown below are the 21 entries currently used in English:

1|Click on the thumbnail for a larger version!
2|Movie links:
6|Back to the main thumbnail page
7|Also available:
8|Full size
9|Click here for a slideshow
11|First Image
12|Previous image
13|Next image
14|Last image
15|Back to the main thumbnail page
16|Back to the previous thumbnail page
17|Press p to pause, home to re-start
18|Slideshow finished - Press home to re-start
19|Paused - press any key to continue
20|Click here to view images
21|Sorry, you do not have access to this feature

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