ThumbHTML - Futures
These are some of the features that have been proposed for the program - both by myself and others...

  • Create a Frequently Asked Questions list - this will save me having to e-mail replies to the same questions!

  • A number of requests have been made for the ability to have a greater degree of control over the information offered on the pages created by ThumbHTML. I have tried to provide this with stylesheets for style, and templates for layout and content. I have still some way to go to make this really user-friendly, and am currently developing a better mechanism for choosing fonts and colours of the page elements.

  • Alternative ways of presenting thumbnails/linked pictures:
    • Framesets (Thumbs in one frame, linked images in the other) - this is now complete
    • Text links, rather than Thumbnails

  • More flexibility in the batch image feature - e.g. the ability to be able to select different characteristics for each size (quality, shadow/no shadow, etc)

  • Greater control over headers/footers - e.g. sub-headers etc

  • A better editor for the footer - maybe with some HTML tools to help

  • Allow users to choose an image for the home/back links

  • Allow users to replace all text elements with their own (helps with other languages)

  • The facility to take advantage of Perl/PHP when available on a server. This will (a) mean that fewer files need to be transferred and stored on the server (the script is all that's needed) and (b) more interactivity will be possible - such as the ability for viewers to add their own comments.

Please add to this list !! - use the ThumbHTML Forum

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